Podcast – Eastport Landing: A conversation with the developer of a controversial project in the heart of Annapolis


The Eastportaricans are all fired up. Someone has proposed building 127 apartments adjacent and attached to the Eastport Shopping Center and they are up in arms.

The end of the shopping center under consideration is largely vacant and the developers, Solstice Partners, are looking to include (in addition to the 127 apartments) a marketplace, some retail shops, gathering places, a LEED building, landscaping and an improved runoff situation.

The opponents are upset that the traffic will be too much. They are upset at the height of the building. They are upset that there will be 127 more residential units in Eastport. Everyone has a solution.

So, we sat down with Jeff Jacobson and asked him the questions. We listened to his vision. The work that has been done so far, and how they plan to engage the community to make it a true community development. And we asked about other uses for the property. It should be noted that Solstice Partners is an EQUITY partner with the center’s owners. They are not going to build and run. They are part of, and will remain part of the community.

Take a listen and learn. In our opinion, this has the potential to be a fantastic addition to the Eastport community with very little downside.

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