Letters to Capital Gazette: Opposing Growth

During a recent planning commission meeting, Aldermen Ross Arnett and Joe Budge again attempted to push their no growth and anti-business agenda on the citizens of Annapolis. The two city lawmakers are proposing a moratorium on all “planned development” until Sept. 1, 2018.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, thankfully, saw the folly of this insane proposal and voted it down. Unfortunately, this was a nonbinding vote, and Arnett and Budge have promised to bring it before the City Council in the near future.

As I watched the meeting via live stream, I honestly thought my internet was experiencing connection errors. I couldn’t believe what these men were saying.

Why did these two aldermen propose this legislation? They explained that they wanted to delay development so that the city could better understand its process on reviewing and issuing building permits. But when the planning commission grilled them on why this review of permit rules was necessary, all they could answer with was “We are in a mess” or “We need to get out of this hole.”

So, either the aldermen don’t know the city rules regarding permitting or they are shutting down development for political reasons. Alderman Arnett said that he would help his friends open up a bed and breakfast, but wants business to halt everywhere else in the city.

Annapolis needs a better view of the future than these two are offering. We need to have a responsible development-friendly environment in our city, not only to bring in more revenue to the city, but to also put our citizens to work. Our unemployment or underemployment is too high and we need to change that now. Let’s work toward a city that treats all its citizens equally, not one where just a few determine our future.