Letters to Capital Gazette: Eastport Landing

I am extremely concerned about the way the city has conducted business on the proposed revitalization of Eastport Landing. I have lived in Eastport for six years, and have seen time and time again the city turn its back on honest companies eager to invest in our city. Eastport Landing is no different.

Watching city officials try and change the public zoning process at the 11th hour and seeing them handpick a special committee that is supposedly “representative of all community views,” all in an attempt to oust Solstice Partners, has not only been alarming but sends a message to businesses that Annapolis is bad for business.

I strongly disagree with Bruce Phillips’ claim (The Capital, May 21) that the community survey was self-serving. How can the community honestly be upset with developers surveying residents for their opinion? I wonder what would be said if they hadn’t.

If our community continues to put developers in a corner, it will push out community-minded companies like Solstice Partners and open the doors to international companies that won’t even consider the well-being of the Eastport community.

I live only a few blocks away from the plaza and I am excited about the proposed plans. This project will not only revitalize the plaza but it will also create a gathering place for our community. I urge the silent majority to make their voices heard and tell officials to make Eastport Landing a reality.