Letter to Capital Gazette: Benefits of growth

Benefits of growth

In response to the comments by James Gibb (The Capital, April 21), in which he discounted my arguments in favor of economic growth (The Capital, April 12):

He missed the key points I was making:

•The Beacon study was commissioned by the City of Annapolis — not Crystal Spring.

•The findings were applicable to the Crystal Spring plan in 2016, which was the subject of study by the planning commission that asked for the information.

•The study not released by the City of Annapolis until early 2017 — after the project had been scaled down and the initial developers departed.

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•The study showed more than $1.5 million in annual net revenue to the City of Annapolis, after deductions for all applicable municipal costs.

•The study showed more than 1,300 permanent full- and part-time jobs, in addition to the construction jobs.

My point — and I believe the point of Mr. Gibb, too — is that Annapolis residents should have all the information to consider their position on any issue.

Why was it, then, that this study, which debunked the nongrowth position that the economics of the proposal were false, not get released until after the project was scaled down? What would the discussion have been then?

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Yes, the new proposal will produce jobs and revenue, but we lost additional benefits through denial of the facts.

It is time our elected officials represented all Annapolis residents and stopped widening the gap between those who already have and those who want to work to have.



Editor’s note: The writer is founder of Annapolitans for Responsible Development.